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North York Chiropractor Reviews

What others say about the chiropractic care they receive can help you make an informed healthcare choice. Review a selection of Integrated Health & Wellness Centre reviews and please contact our North York Chiropractic office with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Spyros Karelis

Always Recommend His Services!

I have been a patient of Dr. K for many years and always recommend his services to friends looking for a Chiropractor.

Gladys W.

Honest and Positive Approach

I really appreciated the honesty and positive approach Dr. Karelis gave me regarding the outlook on the treatments. He honestly told me it would take time and at the same time was very hopeful and positive that these treatments would help my condition. I look forward to returning for the treatments after the interim break due to Covid. Thank you Dr Karelis.

Janice S.

My Partners in My Healthcare Management!

Not my first visit, but the first survey. The clinic is very clean, well equipped, and professionally managed in accordance with the guidelines and procedures specified by the college. My personal success with the management of chronic pain through the therapy provided has been very good. Many thanks to the staff, my partners in my healthcare management!

Alexander O.

Wonderful experience!

Will continue to go here for years to come! I went in not being able to really move my upper body and I left a new person.

Christine J.

Very Comfortable & Happy!

The clinic was very clean when I arrived. Upon my arrival Dr. K disinfected everything in front of me before and after he used each piece of equipment. He also, explains everything he’s doing and why it’s being done so that you understand and will give clarification if needed. I am very comfortable and happy with the treatment I received.

Kayla A.

6 Out of 5 Stars!

Dr. Spyros has gone above and beyond during this time of crisis and uncertainty to insure a clean and safe clinic for all his patients. He follows several guidelines outlined by Health Canada and several others that go above and beyond. This included hiring an industrial cleaning company to come and clean the clinic several days before opening, a screening process before entering, a limit of people in the clinic at any given moment, a mandatory face mask policy, hand sanitizer is offered before and after each visit, equipment is cleaned right after each patient and a safe distance indicator of 6 feet throughout the clinics floor. I’m glad these preventative measures have been set up as I can now work on my health without fear and anxiety.

A great facility that I highly recommend.

Humam B.

Definitely Recommend

Dr.Karelis is an amazing chiropractor he is very thorough and knowledgeable.He was able to diagnose and start treating my injured shoulder. He is so welcoming I feel like i’m at home when I’m there.I will definitely recommend his services.

Feisal A.

I am Referring Everyone I Know

From the initial booking of the appointment to the consultation to the ongoing care and support, I am impressed and now a champion for this establishment. I am referring everyone I know to this great practice!

Lisa D.

Passionate About Your Work

I would like to express my compliments and appreciation for being there for myself, my husband and also my son. You are a dedicated Dr. who is passionate about your work. You are the first Dr. we have ever met who returns calls almost instantly. Thanks for making our lives pain free! I would recommend you to friends and family easily.

Pina R

Symptoms Greatly Improve

I started chiropractic care for sever shoulder pain. Within a couple of visits under Dr. K, I was pain free. All symptoms have greatly improved. I now only seek maintenance to maintain good health.

Jerry S


I’m recommending Spyros to everyone I know! He is fabulous! I have never had anyone give explanations as thorough as he does and it is so appreciated and really interesting! I love learning and healing at the same time!

Krystal S

Can Walk Normally Again

I have flat feet and delt with foot problems all my life. I’m prone to sprains and cannot walk or stand for long periods of time. In Dec 2016 I also developed plantar fasciitis. I limped around for a good month before I discovered Dr. Karelis. He fitted me with custom orthotics (BEST I’VE EVER HAD), I immediately felt a difference and treated my plantar fasciitis. I can walk normally again Thanks to Spyros.

Jenny C-P

Spyros is a Fun and Professional Doctor

I have so much faith and trust with this man that I have been treated by him and nobody else for the better part if a decade. I am always hearing horror stories and ineffective treatments from co-workers with “their guy”, I recommend Dr. Karelis every chance I get.

Andrew W.

So Welcoming!

I felt so welcomed, like I was visiting a good friend! Spiros took his time explaining things to me that had not been explained well by other professionals. The office is so welcoming and casual, you forget your seeing a Doctor!

Frannie G.

Genuinely Passionate About Helping People

Dr. Karelis is genuinely passionate about helping people. He is extremely knowledgeable about his profession and does a fantastic job explaining injuries, treatments and prevention to his patients. I am a retired athlete but I still workout almost every day and Dr. Karelis has immensely helped me recover from and prevent the many injuries I incurred over my career. His genuine honesty is hard to find these days and I recommend Dr. Karelis to all!

Sami B.

Awesome Job!

Dr. Spyros Karelis was referred to me by my G.P to address my back pain. I am a first time mom, and its my first time to experience an “Excruciating” Pain at my back (Right Side). After 3-4 treatments by Dr. Karelis the pain subside and I’m now back on track. Dr. Karelis did an awesome job. He is very approachable and very knowledgeable and he truly cares, that’s what I like most about him.

Melody D.

Professional and Compassionate

You could not find a more thorough professional and compassionate practitioner in the field of chiropractic service. Dr. Spyros Karelis is patient and knowledgeable. I have known him for 10 years and he has helped me heal enormously.

Sharron M.

His Expertise Proves It

I had a hurting lower back and I put it off for a week. My wife called 1 hour before closing and Dr. Spyros agreed to take me the same day!. He stayed late just to help me out and performed my first treatment right after the assessment. Considering my pain, he booked again for the next morning. He told me not to expect any miracles after the first treatment but to be honest my pain went from an 8 to 4 in one treatment. Day and night difference! He performed another treatment 2 days later and it went right down to a 0.5. It shows that Dr. Spyros loves what he does and his expertise proves it. His character shows he isn’t just in it for the money. Thanks!

Rahmatullah R.

Laser Helping My Shoulder Pain

After some rigorous contact sports my shoulder pain started keeping me sore all day. After Dr. Karelis used the Class 4 K Laser, for my shoulder pain treatment, all my troubles melted away, after just one treatment. I am so glad, trusted my physical well-being to Spyros’ care.

Lea S.

Good Service

Very good service.

Lan T.

Very Informative

Very informative and well detailed explanations from Spyros. Very nice and friendly people that work there. May the RMT is very good (and strong) as well.

Gary G

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