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Integrated Health & Wellness Centre Reviews Continued

Feeling Great And Have Trust

Dr. Spyros is a great professional who takes care to ensure that you are not just healthy and well, but also happy and aware of how to live with great quality of life. I am feeling great and trust that I have a partner in keeping my body functioning optimally!

Lea S. (April 2015)

Shoulder And Neck Are Pain Free

I first came to Integrated Health to address an issue that occurred from an injury on my shoulder and neck. Dr. Spyros took me in and after explaining everything thoroughly, we started treatments. My pain started disappearing even after my first visit. Less than six months later, I was pain free. Although pain free, I still see Dr. Spyros on regular basis to always keep me “aligned”.

Stavros P. (March 2015)

Cube 4 Medical K-Laser Worked

I was skeptical at first but the Cube 4 Medical K-Laser worked! I was wearing a tensor band on my knee every day for my construction job and now I’m pain free. Dr. Karelis helped my ability to get through my day.

Tim S. (March 2015)

Thrilled with the results

Since my knee arthroscopy, I have been seeing Dr. Karelis for the laser therapy and I am thrilled with the results, pain has decreased significantly. I have almost no pain at all. The doctor is very kind hearted and really cares about my well being. I will continue to be his patient for as long as it takes and I recommend him with all my heart.

Maria B. (March 2015)

Dr. Karelis has a lot of experience

I had moderate pain on my back. The pain started around 8 years ago. I visited him from a recommendation of my husband, and I can say , I felt the difference from the first day, when he treated me. I really recommend Dr. Karelis he has a lot of experience.

Susana M (February 2015)

My leg pain is gone

I had severe pain on my leg and my back. The pain in my leg started around three years ago. I visited another place before to go with Dr. Karelis and I was not improving nothing at all! Thanks a friend that told me about him. I decided to change my doctor and I felt the difference from the first day that he treated me. I’s still visiting him but my pain on my leg is gone and my back is improving everyday. I really recommend Dr. Karelis he has a lot of experience and high technology equipment.

Daniel B (February 2015)

Listens To His Patient With Respect

“From the moment one enters this clinic, the experience is a happy one. Dr. S. Karelis is thorough in his examination, listens to his patient with respect, clearly explains necessary details of treatment, shows a video, is caring, takes patients on time. After a few K4 Laser treatments on my shoulders and neck, I felt relief from my pain and each one is quick. Dr. S. Karelis is a very good doctor and a fine person.”

Doreen M. P. (February 2015)

A Long Term Solution

“I visited Dr. Karelis for lower back pain and in pursuit of a long term solution. I was looking remedial action that did not involve the use of medication for pain management but rather a targeted diagnosis and resolution. I am pleased to say that my expectations were exceeded and I was surprised by how thorough he is. I look forward to the warm greeting on my next visit.”

Frankie F. (February 2015)


“Excellent customer service.”

Daniel B. (February 2015)

Really Wonderful

“I haven’t felt this great in over a year! My first visit I had instant results. Thank you so much Spyros for your help and information. It’s really wonderful to have a doctor care about your health as much as you do. The laser treatments I can not even explain how its brought my back to feeling great again. Thank You, thank you, thank you.”

Laura B. (February 2015)

Very Informative

“Dr. Karelis is very informative and explains everything very well, after only a short while I saw the benefits of coming to the centre. Every time I come I receive a warm welcoming and inviting experience by all staff.”

Corina L. (January 2015)

Wonderful Experience

“Great Chiropractor, honest, goal oriented, very helpful, focused and does the out most to put my needs as a patient first. You feel heard and I think a lot of other chiropractors need to be like him and learn a few things from him.”

Izabella H. (January 2015)

He’s never failed to correct my issues

“I have been a patient of Dr. Karelis for 2 years. I find him to be very knowledgeable in his chosen field. He is compassionate, empathetic and friendly, he uses the most MODERN EQUIPMENT and up to date procedures. He’s never failed to correct my issues within a few visits.”

Brian T. (January 2015)

NEW Cube 4 K-Laser has been extremely helpful

“I have arthritis in both knees. Many tests have been done by my family doctor and orthopaedic surgeon. Dr. Karelis’ NEW Cube 4 K-Laser has been extremely helpful. The change in my knees is remarkable, I noticed a significant difference.”

Sylvia S. (January 2015)

Cube4 K-Laser is AMAZING

“After one laser treatment with the Cube4 K-LASER, this is the FIRST TIME EVER that I didn’t experience any major pain. I have felt a great relief and very relaxed. This Cube4 K-Laser is AMAZING! Thank You Dr. Karelis for introducing me to your new laser. It’s worth trying.”

Ann M. (January 2015)

Extremely Thorough

“Dr. Karelis did an extremely thorough initial examination on my first visit. He used techniques that no other Chiropractor has used on me before. Feeling great and would recommend Dr. Karelis to family and friends.”

Tammy G. (October 2014)


“So far so great! Thanks so much for all you help!”

Marcello G. (October 2014)

I Feel Positive

“I feel positive, and I am looking forward to my treatment and getting back to feeling great again.”

Darlene M. (September 13)

My First Appointment was Excellent!

“My first appointment was excellent! I am very encouraged that my pain may finally be addressed, treated and be a distant memory sooner than I had hoped! Dr. Karelis did a thorough exam and took the time to explain my condition and his treatment plan to me in language and terms I could understand.”

Alicia H. (June 2013)

A Pain Free Life!

“Dr Karelis, has helped me with different injuries over the past few years. I had back issues for years and now I have it under control and live a pain free life. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”

Frank A.


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