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Ideal Protein | Weight Loss : Testimonials

Dr. Tien Tran Chanh

Dr. Tien Tran Chanh

Mauro D.

Diane is my coach and she is very honest and caring regarding any situation that affects my weight goal. The Ideal Protein program is the best one that actually works, food is pretty good and tasty. All and all, great program. (27 January 2015)

Laurie W.

Ideal Protein has been life changing. It’s helped me regain control and has given me the confidence to know I can meet my weight loss goals. It’s easy, convenient and perfect for my busy lifestyle. Diane Karelis and Dr. Karelis have been incredibly supportive throughout my journey and they truly care about their clients. Thank-you. (27 January 2015)

Chandrika H.

Dear Diane,
Thank you for being such an amazing coach! You give 110% support! You really are motivating gem! You made “dieting” seem as if I weren’t dieting. It really was just a Lifestyle Change for me and Kirk! I know he wasn’t on the program, but you changed his life and health completely too!

Thank you so much to you and the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program!
Chandrika H.

chandrikaBefore chandrikaAfter

Melanie Larocque

What can I say about Ideal Protein? Its a logical choice…as a quote – un-quote yo-yo dieter, I have tried many different weight loss programs such as Herbal Magic, Isogenix, Weight Watchers, and Extreme Exercising, none compare to the results I have experienced with the Ideal Protein Diet. Never have I been able to control the cravings that come with dieting, never have I felt so good inside my body, how can you put a price on that (by the way Ideal Protein costs less than Most other Diets if you consider food, suplements and initial “deposit”) so yes….logical is the word I would use. Thank you to my coach Diane who has been an invaluable aid in helping me finally achieving and maintaining the results I always wanted.

Melanie Larocque i.e. no longer the yo-yo dieter May 22, 2013

melanie beforemelanie after

Jo-Anne Brossard

If you are wondering if Ideal Protein is as good as it sounds let me tell you now it’s not…….its even better

I too was skeptical about the products, temporarily giving some of my favorite foods, and the lack of hunger. After much thought, and a need to lose weight, I decided to give Ideal Protein a try. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

There is a wide range of protein products that will satisfy even the pickiest taste buds……and wait till you see the large selection of snacks. They are so good (and filling) that I don’t even miss the snack food I used to eat before. The best part is I’m not hungry, ever. I’m fully sated and satisfied on this program and it’s the only program I’ve been on (and I’ve tried several) where I’ve never been hungry while dieting.

As of today (May 19, 2013) I have been on the Ideal Protein diet for 2 months and have lost a total of 27lbs. My weight was 225lbs and I’m now 198lbs. I still have a ways to go to reach my goal of 160lbs but I know that with Ideal Protein and my coach I’ll be successful at reaching it.

The protein product is only part of my success. My weekly meeting with my personal support coach; Diane Karelis is the main reason for my success.
Diane is wonderful at advising, guiding and answering all of my questions. As Diane is medically trained (she’s an RN) she also keeps an eye out for my overall heath and well being.

If you’re a doubting Thomas or skeptic about Ideal Protein doubt no more. This truly is an amazing diet which will astound you with the rapid weight loss, no hunger pangs, increased energy and expert personal support.

Take it from me this will be the last and most successful diet you will ever be on.

Jo-Anne Brossard (current Ideal Protein customer)

Dolores Barbita

The IDEAL PROTEIN Diet is the best I have ever tried. The unique quality and composition of IDEAL PROTEIN food maintained my energy and strength while shedding just the fat throughout my weight-loss. I found the IDEAL PROTEIN food so delicious that I continue to incorporate it in my daily maintenance diet even though I do not have to. I find the snacks very beneficial to have around during those afternoon and evening urges to eat something sweet. To top it all off the coaching that is provided by Diane Karelis was and still is second-to-none.


Dolores Barbita
Toronto, Ontario
April 23, 2013

Diane Karelis

Diane Karelis RN started Phase 1 September 25, 2112; Phase 4 January 29, 2013
I was 235lb in September 2012 and by the end of January I started the maintenance phase, weighing at 164lb. I have maintained my weight by discarding my previous old habits that contributed to weight gain, adapting new habits and respecting good food combinations as taught by the Ideal Protein method which is helping me maintain my ideal weight. My weight loss has enabled me to move forward. It has inspired me to coach others. Through my coaching method you will be more aware of the things that make you gain weight, learn and respect good food combinations, tools and strategies – like mindful eating, re-setting the pendulum – that support you on your journey to an ideal weight and maintenance for life.

Before September 2012

before and after images

before and after images
before and after images

Charles Smith

I have known Dr. Karelis for more than 3 years although it is only recently I had met his wife, Diane. Last Fall 2012, I had noticed that they had started losing weight and I asked him how he was doing it. He explained to me that he was following the Ideal Protein protocol, and that he and Diane were both following the same program. In November 2012, I asked him about his success and he was down a lot of weight. This was my inspiration to try the Ideal Protein method. I decided to get myself down in weight as I had more than I wanted to carry. In December 2012, I started the program at 186lb, then followed the program weekly until I got myself down to my ideal weight of 168lb, by the first week of February 2013. The coaching and advice from Diane was tremendous and inspirational. The food that is offered is easy to eat and supported with selected vegetables and a whole protein from a selected list, I never felt hungry or tempted to snack. All in all, I felt that I was able to lose what I wanted, easily. The support was essential and I feel my general health and sleeping patterns are better than ever in my life. Thank you Diane and Dr. Karelis, this was the key to my excellent health, wellness and general well-being.


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Dania O.

“First diet, I’m not tired, I’m not hungry and I feel alot of energy.”

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