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Delighted With Treatments

Dr. Karelis has been thorough in explaining my back & arm problems, the source and remedy without use of medicinal treatment. He made himself available to see me on an emergency visit for back pain that was excruciating, leaving me without sleep for 10 nights. I am delighted with his treatments and the relief I now enjoy. Thanks Dr. Karelis. :)

Larraine C

Low Back Pain Fixed in 4 Weeks

I work in construction. I also get lower back pain often. The last time I injured my back I could not walk straight. My foreman referred me to Dr. Spyros who agreed to see me the same day with no appointment. Dr. Spyros is very professional and knowledgeable. It took him less than four weeks to heal my injury. I was very happy with the service that I received from Dr. Spyros and I also highly recommend Dr. Spyros to anyone. I will definitely continue to see Dr. Spyros in the future.

Ivan C

Relieved My Lower Back Pain

I have been a client of Dr. Karelis for over five years, ever since being referred to him by my G.P. for lower back pain treatment. Dr. Karelis was able to relieve my symptoms after only three sessions and has kept the problem in check via routine visits ever since. He is highly recommended by me.

Michael F.

I recommend him to everyone!

First of all I am 84 years old. I woke up in the morning with pain around my ribs, my ribs go out quite often so I automatically thought that is what it was. I had an appointment a few days in the future and I thought I can go then to see Dr. Spyros Karelis. Pain was very severe so I came to see Dr. Spyros. That is when I discovered the rib pain this time was different.

Dr. Spyros Karelis gave me 1 Laser Treatment with his new class IV Cube 4 K-Laser and the pain. We did another Cube 4 K-Laser treatment to make sure everything is healing properly. Now I am pain free. The next time this happens I will come see Dr. Karelis right away. Dr. Karelis is very honest & polite, I recommend him to everyone.

Marjory W

In A Short Period Of Time My Injury Was So Much Better

The first time I injured myself I was not able to sit down, lie down or even sleep because I was in so much pain. A friend of mine suggested I go see Spyros that he was really good and fixed me up.

I’ll be honest I have always been weary of chiropractors, because of the horror stories I had heard from other peoples experiences. That chiropractors are in for the money, new injuries occurred by unskilled hands etc. etc.

I tell you this guy has magical hands. When I first met him it was like we were friends for years. He immediately did an assessment and knew what the issues were. In a short period of time my injury was so much better, I was able to sit and lie down and actually sleep without waking up with pain. (Yes i said short period of time!) He’s not in it for the money, Spyros loves to see his talent actually help cure people. He wants your pain to go away because he cares. He wants your body to heal itself, sometimes with the help with his own hands yes, but also without.

You want a great Chiropractor that knows what he is doing? Spyros is the man with the heart….and hands of healing. I can’t say enough about this man. You want someone knowledgeable and your pain to go away come see Spyros, you’ll know what I’m talking about for yourself through your own body.

Thanks Spyros !

Faye B.

Best place to go to in the city

Very friendly and patient. Honest policy and won’t charge for anything unnecessary. Probably the best place to go to in the city.

Aous A.

Highly recommend Dr. Karelis

Dr. Karelis has treated me for various ailments over the last 10 years. His patient and sincere demenour has been constant. I have truly benefited from Dr. Karelis’ handling in each of my health needs. I would highly recommend Dr. Karelis to anyone.

Dolores B.

Path to recovery

I first met Dr. Karelis in June 2015 to address my pain with shin splints. After trying several treatment options I decided to seek help from Dr. Karelis. His professionalism and true desire to help me was evident at my first visit. He is very thorough and explains every step of his treatment.

Within the first week I began to feel relief while continuing to train and play hockey.
Thank You for quickly putting me on the path to recovery and helping me to continue what I enjoy.

Dan A.

Pleased with the results

I nave been Dr. K’s patient for ~7 years and have been more than pleased with the results. He is knowledgeable, has patience and personality and is up on the latest technology. I look forward to my visits and have no reservations in recommending him to anyone.

William D.L.

First Rate

The centre and its people are first rate.

Karyn P.

Real Pleasure Getting Help From People That Care!

Thanks so much for your help and sincere concerns in wanting to get me up and running again. Real pleasure getting help from people that care!

Chris D.

My Pain Was Gone

In March 2015, I had double knee replacement at the age of 85.
It was very successful. However, I was left with some residual pain in the knees, which I mentioned to my Surgeon at my final check up in July. He said that I needed new orthotics due to the fact that his operation had straightened my legs. My legs had been slightly bowed from my severe osteo-arthritis.

I had new orthotics made for me by Dr. Karelis of Integrated Health. Within two days of receiving the orthotics my pain was gone, and I am able to walk longer distances.

I heartily recommend the orthotics made by Dr.Spyros Karelis.

John F.

Helped Me Understand

Dr. Spyros Karelis help me understand the various issues with my knee and explained step-by-step how I can go about improving my status. After five weeks of treatment which included custom orthotics, foot & ankle examination and low-back treatment. I feel revived and am in much less pain. My Sincere thanks.

Navid H.

Excellent Treatment!

Dr. Spyros is a very nice doctor always ready to help and solve the patients issue. Excellent treatment! Always gives information about what is done to the patient. Very soothing experience and it is sure that your problem is solved.

Indrani G.

Back Pain

I’ve struggled with back pain for most of my adult life. After seeing a chiropractor, who I felt had less than good intentions, my friend recommended Spyros. He was able to easily identify the source of my issues and targeted the problem area. Within a few weeks I felt better, and when I would see him and no adjustment was necessary, it would be no charge. I highly recommend the Integrated Health & Wellness Centre.

Diana B.

Real Comfort

It was a very good service. The highly professional treatment done by Dr. Karelis created real comfort not only in a physical improvement but also in a mental comfort and believe that everything can be better. I have recommended Dr. Karelis service to my friends and still I will do it.

Tadeusz K.

Dr. Karelis provides excellent service and treatment.

He is very professional and caring. I would recommend him to anyone. 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS.

Maria G.

Dr. Karelis is precise, professional and caring

I have known Dr. Karelis for over 4 years. He is precise, professional and caring. He really knows his stuff. He will do the utmost to help you get better a fast as he can. He is honest and caring. His new Cube 4 K-Laser is amazing. If it wasn’t for Dr. Karelis I would be at home crying in pain. Thanks so much for you help!

Mario F. (April 2015)

Improved Range of Motions and Reduced Pain

Dr. Karelis has been treating my Rotator Cuff injury for 1 1/2 years now. I found that laser is a fast, painless and yet effective resolution to my shoulder problems. It has given me improved range of motions and reduced pain. Thank You Dr. K for your care and professionalism.

Anne M. (April 2015)

Extremely Professional Chiropractor Whom Listens

Dr. Karelis is an extremely professional Chiropractor. He listens actively to be able to provide appropriate care and always explains everything that he is doing and why. I have referred many of co-workers and friends to him as I know they will be treated with the utmost care and compassion for their injuries / concerns.

Jane Ste M. (April 2015)


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